Our team

Our team in Brussels

Campaign strategist. Involved in multiple winning election campaigns for VVD in The Netherlands 2013-2017. Worked with political parties and prime ministers in several EU countries. Founder of Meute and driven to change the world with campaigns.

Mark Thiessen

Owner & campaign strategist


Data, research and advertising specialist. Running the Meute data team. Worked on political campaigns and for regional government on social media communication.

Siem Huijskes

Campaign strategist


Campaign strategist, experienced in translating policy into digital campaigns. Formerly involved in VVD election campaigns in NL, Ministry of Foreign Affairs.

Annemarie Litjens

Campaign strategist

Our team in Amsterdam

Marjolein Kampschreur

Owner & campaign strategist

Nathalie van den Engel

Campaign maker

Maarten Muijser

Campaign strategist

Guus Bathoorn

Lead creative

Marije Brinkhorst

Campaign strategist

Myron von Gerhardt

Campaign strategist

Ian van der Molen

Campaign maker

Tessa Dumoulin

Campaign strategist

Roëlla Vermeiren

Personal assistant

Lars Heller

Campaign strategist

Zuzanka Deijen

Campaign maker

Louise Moons

Design stagiaire

Our office

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The Meute Values

Our values are important to us. They inspire us and give us purpose. They show who we strive to be and how we work.

Let’s go change the world!

We love to create political and social campaigns. It's our way of contributing to change. And we believe it's possible, just like Obama did. "If one voice can change a room, it can change the nation. Let's go change the world!"

Where does it come from?
We CHOOSE to go to the moon

We're not afraid of new things. No, we want to be the ones who make new things possible. And if we encounter any problems, we'll fix them. Even if it's difficult. As JFK said, "We choose to go to the moon. Not because it is easy, but because it is hard."

Where does it come from?
Glasnost e Perestrojka!

Loosely translated from Gorbachev: Openness and improvement! We're having an ongoing conversation about how things can be better. We can and should question everything. We do it with openness, clarity, love, and as honestly as possible.

Where does it come from?
Fired up, ready to go!

We're damn excited. We're eager to go. We come up with ideas ourselves. We actively ask what we can do for others. And we deliver quality because we expect it from ourselves. We're fired up! Ready to go!

Where does it come from?