The Meute Way

Political campaigners

We are political campaign veterans. We have learned to use everything at our disposal to convince society and politics of our stories. Our campaigns are about ideas, about people, about the future of Europe and the world.

We have crafted the lessons of political campaigning into an approach which helps you bring your stories and issues further in the Brussels bubble.

Behavioral Science

We use behavioral science to turn policy into effective communication.


We study your goals, your target audience, and your topic with a magnifying glass. We devise a strategy which is tailor made for your purpose: with a tested narrative and a selection of tactics and means to reach your target group and win them over to your side.


Using insights from behavioral science, we create the most effective communication frames and craft them into a compelling emotional appeal.


We test strategy and frames on the target audience to make sure our messaging is effective.


We have a wide range of tools and means at our disposal, both online and offline, and we choose the right ones for your challenge. We influence your target group from all angles, using a 360° approach.


We provide them in house, for you and your team. Or you can join our group sessions individually, by signing up for a specific date.

The Meute Way
360° Influence

We master and understand a wide range of tools that you can use to reach your target audience. We build these tools around each other in a coordinated long term effort, so that they reinforce each other and your target audience will be influenced from 360°.

For example, through:

Social media content (with targeted ads)

Digital advertising screens in their environment


Real life meetings

Public opinion and media


Grassroots campaigns

Ambassador campaigns



And anything else we can think of to reach your target audience.

Which means to use is often the most challenging puzzle. Public affairs pro’s often hear the word “campaign” and think about social media. It’s not about social media.

Social media play a small part in a symphony of different means from different professions. Traditional PA. Events. E-mails. Out of home advertising. PR. Content campaigns. Grassroots organizing. And much, much more.

Our 360° campaigns are never the same: they are tailor made for the target audience and the goal our client is pursuing. Our mission is to only choose things that work. And what works is always something different.

We can execute the campaign entirely for you: creating content, running ads, writing your copy, managing your grassroots or ambassador campaign.

But we prefer to work together in a joint campaign team. This way, we strengthen each other and achieve the best results.

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