The Meute Way

Political campaigns

We are experienced political campaigners. We have learned to use everything at our disposal to convince society of our stories. Our campaigns are about ideas, about people, about the future of our country, our Europe and the world.

Everything we learned there, we now apply with our clients. We have crafted these lessons into an approach which can help you bring your stories and issues further in the Brussels bubble.

How do we do that?


We take a close look at who and what you want to reach. Every goal and every target group has a specific mix of means and tactics best suited for it. We enjoy putting together that puzzle.


Sometimes a purely digital influence campaign is enough. Sometimes a grassroots approach can work. Sometimes it helps to mobilize people with a petition campaign. We choose our channels wisely.


We study your goals, your target audience, and your topic with a magnifying glass. We then weigh up which type of campaign(s) is best suited for the challenge, so that you always get the campaign that does exactly what you want.

The Meute Way - Strategy

We start working with you in a few steps. We begin by creating a strategy because without a good strategy, you're operating in darkness.

Let’s go change the world

360° Influence Strategy
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Quick & dirty

Meute Campaign Sprint
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Structural influence

Meute on Board retainers
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The Meute Way
360° Influence

We master and understand a wide range of tools that you can use to reach your target audience. We build these tools around each other, so that they reinforce each other and your target audience sees them from 360°. 

For example, through:

Social media content (with targeted ads)

Digital advertising screens in their environment


Real life meetings

Public opinion and media


Grassroots campaigns

Ambassador campaigns



And anything else we can think of to reach your target audience.

This is one of the most important puzzles we can put together for you. And it always looks different, as a perfect combination is possible for every goal and every target audience. We persuade your target audience step by step, whether it's online or offline, grassroots or top-down, content or contact. Whatever works, no fluff. We only choose things that work.

We can execute the campaign entirely for you: creating content, running ads, writing your copy, managing your grassroots or ambassador campaign. But we prefer to work together in a joint campaign team. This way, we strengthen each other and achieve the best results.

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