EU Foreign Policy Reform

Friedrich Naumann Foundation

For the Friedrich Naumann Foundation, we created their EU Foreign Policy campaign, presenting quantitative research in 10 member states to find out how people think about EU Foreign Policy and, more specifically, the veto system.


To show that there is a clear need for a more effective and coherent joint foreign policy of the EU.
Leaning back is no longer an option.

Our approach:

In 10 EU-member states, we conducted a survey among 2,752 EU-citizens on their perspective on EU Foreign Policy and the veto system. The results (that can be found via this link) were translated into appealing content and articles, to show our stakeholders that European citizens desire a joint European identity on the global stage, and this should be done in an effective manner without one single member state being able to stop the entire EU from moving forward.

​​Which means did we apply:

Starting with frame research among 2,752 EU-citizens in 10 EU-member states, we translated the outcomes into digital content, such as infographics and visuals. 

These visuals were also used in a sponsored article in Euractiv to reach our target group of European politicians and policymakers. 

The result:

The survey revealed that Europeans are calling for an EU foreign policy based on values such as security, human rights, and freedom. They believe that the current veto-system in the EU Council hinders a more unified foreign policy. This has been the same result for all ten countries surveyed.

These results will be used in FNF’s Europe 2050 project.