Artificial Intelligence: maximize the benefits, minimize the risks

Renew Europe

With regulation of Artificial Intelligence (AI), the European Union will be the first in the world to have a clear set of rules for the technology that will power our future. For Renew Europe, the liberal group in the European Parliament, the agreement striked a careful balance between legal clarity and harmonised enforcement on the one hand, and careful and proportional use of AI’s potential on the other.


Renew Europe wanted to highlight that a number of Renew Europe group priorities were taken on board in the compromise, making the AI Act a great achievement for them, as well as for the EU in general.

Our approach

To show what can be done with AI - but also show what the risks might be. How can you see if Emmanuel Macron is actually eating a macaron - or if it’s an AI-generated image? 

Which means did we apply

In a video that was partially created by AI, we show how AI can be used successfully. And show how the AI Act sets rules for high-risk AI systems, protecting the health, safety, and fundamental rights of everybody in the EU.

Did you know…

That we at Meute also used AI to explain how the EU institutions work? Believe it or not, but this video below was completely created by AI. The script was written by ChatGPT; images created by MidJourney and even the voice-over is not a real person. If you know the “Real Housewives of…” series, you will love this EU-version!