We won’t go back!

Renew Europe

Abortion is a fundamental right. But the fight for it to be reflected in reality is not over yet. That is why Renew Europe called for the right to safe and legal abortion to be included in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Legal protection will ensure no woman or girl in the EU is forced to seek unsafe, life-threatening abortions. This campaign took place in 2022.


Include abortion in the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights. Sexual and Reproductive Health and RIghts (SRHR) should be guaranteed by member countries as they are fundamental human rights.

Our approach:

Policy communication campaign,  built on strong messaging and a strong frame: if we can not ensure safe and legal abortions for every woman and girl in the EU, this means that we will go back in time. A time where a lot of unsafe abortions happened. We won’t go back!.

​​Which means did we apply:

For this campaign we created a strong visual identity and logo. This identity was used in visuals and videos, such as a video on the timeline of SRHR:

The materials were also used in a sponsored article in Politico and an event in the European Parliament.

The result:

In June 2022, the European Parliament adopted a resolution calling for the landmark case of Roe v. Wade to be upheld. The decision taken by the US Supreme Court on 24 June to overturn guaranteed nationwide protection of abortion rights allows each US state to restrict or ban abortion. In February 2023, Renew Europe repeated its call for amending the EU Charter of Fundamental Rights to include the right to safe and legal abortion.